Why Cooking Pizza in a Brick Oven Is Better

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You know brick oven pizza tastes delicious. But why is it so much better than other types of pizza? Preparing pizza in a brick oven is indisputably superior because of the way it cooks. Nothing else tastes quite like it.

The Five Secrets of Brick Oven Pizza

Brick oven has a significant advantage vs. fire-grilled pizza. Keeping all the hot air confined in the small space leads to better cooking. Here are five reasons why brick oven pizza is superior.

1. Higher Cooking Temperature

The wood fire ensures the heat moves throughout the oven, including where it is absorbed by the brick on the interior walls. The oven bottom stays a little cooler, but the top of the oven up to the dome gets very hot — up to 660 degrees Fahrenheit. The consistency of the fire keeps the temperature up, so everything is cooked uniformly. There’s no part of the oven — or the pizza — that gets less heat.

2. Outstanding Crust

The crust on brick oven pizza is famous for a reason. The crispy outside and firm inside provide an incredible combination. The high heat of the oven seals off any moisture remaining in the dough of the crust. You won’t see any sogginess because of the high temperature.

3. Fast Cooking Time

It only takes a few minutes for a pizza to cook in a brick oven, thanks to the dense wall design. Restaurants that have a high volume of customers and need to make a lot of pizza benefit from employing a brick oven.

4. Crispier, Flavorful Toppings

Just like the pizza dough becomes crispy in a brick oven, so do the toppings. The uniformity of the heat means every topping will cook to the same temperature. Those who love roasted vegetables know how delicious they become with slightly caramelized edges. A brick oven is the best way to achieve that effect when it comes to vegetables on pizza.

Plus, cooking in a brick oven can preserve the nutrients in the vegetables, which can be compromised when they are overcooked. The cheese, too, becomes smoky and develops a deeper flavor when you cook it in a brick oven.

5. Distinctive Flavor

A brick oven creates flavor you can’t get anywhere else. It tastes slightly smoky and a little sweet. Roasting brings out the sugar in the dough and toppings, encouraging the crispiness that develops. With slow cooking, the temperatures don’t rise quickly enough to create that distinctive taste. A cooked pepper has a less robust flavor than a roasted pepper, and the same goes for pizza. 

The authentic Italian flavor of the olive oil is a last-minute addition. Brick oven pizzas are sprinkled with a bit of olive oil before serving to further bring out the taste.

Authentic Brick Oven Pizza With a Modern Flair

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