10 Artsy and Unique Things to Do in Atlanta

Category: Atlanta | Posted: June 12, 2023

Atlanta has a thriving art and culture scene, rich history, and many interesting attractions that draw people in year after year. However, there is more to this area than what meets the eye. Continue reading to learn about 10 unique things to do in Atlanta.

1. Enter the Upside Down With a Stranger Things Tour

Fans of the Netflix hit series “Stranger Things” can experience a little bit of that world with a tour of various film locations. During the guided tour, you can visit some of the group’s favorite hangout spots, including the Wheelers’ household and Hawkins Middle School.

2. Explore the Doll’s Head Trail

If you enjoy outdoor activities with a twist, the Doll’s Head Trail should be on your list of weird things to do in Atlanta. The trail is located in Constitution Lake Park and features a mixture of whimsical and somewhat creepy art displays of dolls and other items throughout the park.

3. Find All the Tiny Doors

Scattered around Atlanta are tiny doors that are about 7 inches tall. An Atlanta artist, Karen Anderson, started the project to inspire curiosity and exploration. Join the Tiny Doors ATL tour for an exciting time around the city.

4. Discover Atlanta’s Captivating Street Art

Street art offers insight into the voices and creativity of local artists. If you want unique experiences in Atlanta, joining a guided street art tour should be on your itinerary. You can see a side of the city’s vibrant art scene that includes breathtaking murals and creative graffiti.

5. Step Into a Painting at the Van Gogh Exhibit

The Van Gogh immersive experience is truly out of this world. The 20,000 sq. ft exhibit, which is situated in the Exhibition Hub Atlanta Art Center, features light and sounds that give you the feeling of being immersed in the imaginative and rhythmic works of this incredible artist.

6. Watch a Movie at the Starlight Drive-in

The Starlight Drive-In is a multiple-screen drive-in theatre located on Moreland Avenue. The rare Atlanta gem has been open since 1949 and continues to keep its original charm over the years. You can enjoy a fun date night watching your favorite movies on a digital projection system under the stars.

7. Learn About the Evolution of Cash at the Atlanta Monetary Museum

The Atlanta Monetary Museum can be found in the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. This museum offers an educational and engaging experience through interactive exhibits. When you’re in Midtown, stop by and learn more about the past, present and future of money.

8. Catch a Live Performance at the Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse

Located on Peachtree Street and home to the Atlanta Shakespeare Company, the Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse is one of a kind. Be transported to another time by the intriguing performances, amazing costumes and live music. If you’re a fan of Shakespeare’s works, catching one of these plays will be a fun and memorable experience.

9. Shop for Unusual Items at Junkman’s Daughter

Junkman’s Daughter is a novelty store located in the edgy neighborhood of Little Five Points. The store is filled with many unique and interesting items. Even just looking around is an experience of its own because you never know what you’ll find.

10. Dine at Allora Italian Restaurant

Another different thing to do in Atlanta is to stop by Allora Italian Restaurant. This excellent restaurant, located on 7th Street in Midtown, offers Italian food with a modern twist. Indulge your taste buds with our delectable meals and enjoy the restaurant’s stylish and unique atmosphere.

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