Tips for Planning a Party at a Restaurant

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Are you eager to throw a party but less excited at the thought of spending the time to prep your house, cook all day and clean up afterward? Make it easier on yourself and let a favorite local restaurant play host.

Booking a restaurant for a party allows you to spend time socializing, rather than focusing on if the guests have everything they need. To ensure the experience is top-notch from beginning to end, keep these tips for planning a dinner party, luncheon or late-night soiree handy.

Choose a Restaurant That Will Appeal to All Guests

Before booking a restaurant for your party, decide which restaurant makes sense based on your guest list. American and Italian restaurants tend to be favorites because they serve dishes that are familiar and delicious.

As a side note, find a restaurant that offers easy access, too. Your attendees will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Pick and Reserve the Party Room Early

Restaurants that are known for having party spaces book quickly, especially during busy times like the end-of-year holidays. As soon as you have an inkling of your preferred party date, give the restaurant a call.

To streamline the party reservation process, know ahead of time how many people will be in your party. Additionally, figure out if you prefer to choose the dishes to have available or just let guests pick from the menu.

Will You Have an Open Bar or Not?

Since you’re in charge of the party, you’re going to be picking up the tab. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t restrict guests to one adult beverage, or even ask them to pay for beer, wine, liquor or cocktails themselves.

Generally speaking, your overall budget and the number of adults in your party will guide your final decision.

Give Guests Lots of Notice

Got your party date lined up? Send out invites as soon as possible. If the event is formal, such as to celebrate a milestone anniversary or birthday, you might want to rely on classic mailed invitations. On the other hand, if your party has a casual overtone, texting or digital invites can be appropriate.

Be sure to mention any key information on your invitations, like attire recommendations or whether they can bring someone else to the celebration.

Start Gathering Any Decorations or Favors

You don’t have to spruce up the room if you’re planning a private party at a restaurant. Still, you might want to bring balloons, streamers, table toppers or even gifts for your guests.

It’s best to order and gather decorations well in advance of the party date. That way, you won’t be scrambling at the last minute to get everything done.

Ask for Last-Minute RSVPs

Is your party at a restaurant coming up this weekend? You may want to solidify everyone’s attendance one last time. Then, you can pass along a final headcount to the eatery so servers know how many diners to expect.

Take Lots of Pictures

Just about everyone carries a phone, so it’s easy to take pictures while you’re gathered with your friends, family or coworkers. Nevertheless, you may forget to capture fun moments. After all, time flies when you’re partying at a terrific restaurant with a welcoming atmosphere.

Don’t let the opportunity to memorialize your amazing party get away. Every so often, grab your phone and capture a few images. You’ll be glad you did weeks and months down the road, and you can share them with your guests later, too.

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