What Does an Authentic Italian Kitchen Look Like? 

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What Does an Authentic Italian Kitchen Look Like?

With the sound of sauces bubbling in the background, the scent of fresh bread baking in the oven and the excitement of preparing each dish to perfection, there is nothing quite like an Italian kitchen.

Usually, these rooms are filled with fresh ingredients and the anticipation of good food to be shared with friends and family.

Features of Authentic Italian Kitchens

Authentic Italian restaurant kitchens can feature more of a traditional or modern Italian style.

Traditional Italian Kitchen 

Traditional Italian kitchens feature a rustic, warm style. To achieve this natural look, materials ranging from terra cotta to stone are often used for the flooring. The color palette in the space is often rich as well, with a focus on oranges, golds and yellows. The backsplash, which is often tile with a pattern or design, adds more color and style.

The furniture also delivers a similar rustic, relaxed feel. For example, long wooden tables with benches on the sides offer a casual ambiance and provide plenty of space for friends and family to dine together.

The lighting, which often comes from a wrought-iron chandelier or wall sconces, adds a warm glow. Accessories such as colorful dishes and clay pots filled with fresh herbs add an eye-catching yet homey touch.

Modern Italian Kitchen 

A modern Italian kitchen is much sleeker than its traditional counterpart. In these kitchens, you’ll discover a simplistic design that places more emphasis on the function and style of the space. 

Usually, these modern spaces won’t have as many decorative accessories as you would find in a traditional Italian kitchen. Instead, there will be streamlined appliances without any unnecessary accessories and decorative items. The colors, while still warm, are a bit more subdued in keeping with the slick look.

Necessities You’ll Find in Both Types of Kitchens

Regardless of whether the style is more traditional or modern, most Italian kitchens will feature staples like a brick oven, a large pasta pot, cheese graters and wooden spoons.

In order to make Italian favorites ranging from pasta dishes to pizzas, authentic Italian kitchens are often filled with fresh meats, dairy, vegetables, fruits and herbs. Common ingredients you’ll find are sausage, onions, garlic, lemons, tomatoes, basil and fennel.

Of course, an Italian kitchen wouldn’t be complete without an assortment of cheeses ranging from Romano to Parmesan Reggiano. Add a couple of varieties of red and white wine, and you have an authentic, well-stocked Italian kitchen.

Celebrate Traditional Italian Flavors in an Inviting Environment

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